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Saturday, January 9, 2010

According to a recent survey published by Gartner, content writing has shaped the internet as we see today. It is true that there is a lot of content flowing freely on the net today, but only a tenth of this content writing is actually worth reading.

Content writing has evolved over last five years or so. Writing was considered to be a very exclusive domain earlier, but with the rise in internet boom content writing has taken a back seat. Today every web development company wants to do well, earn big bucks but when it comes to content writing, they just kill the whole essence of it. Writing for them is taking content from the net, changing some key phrases in it and publishing it again on the internet. More than half of them don’t like to add any originality to their work, and why should they when things are going well like this.

It is right that every organization wants to jump in the bandwagon of World Wide Web and to support them; there is a huge resource pool. Coding, designing and development of a website are mind blogging processes only if the developing company is using any mind for it. For making sure that a reader stays on the website long enough to understand what it is all about, every business needs good content. Content writing as an art requires words to be combined in such a manner which can hold the interest of a reader for a considerable amount of time.

Web writing, travel writing, blogging and all the subject specific writings are the integral part of content writing. While writing the content, the most important point to remember is that nothing can be written without knowing the target audience. At every step content writing requires creativity and vision. Writing in a talented way is not difficult if someone knows how to blend experience with originality. Words can be learnt and so can be content writing.

Author: Nitima, Freelance web content writer


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