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Why Do Companies Need a Professional SEO Content Writer?

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I have been working as a SEO content writer for the last four years and nothing disappoints me more than SEO content written haphazardly. Usually I come across pages that have been written only to attract traffic but not to keep them enticed.

A simple question that every SEO content writer should ask himself or herself – even if I make people come to this site, how am I going to keep them hooked? Consumers have a lot of options and they don’t have time to read everything.

While it is true that world is a BIG place and there are many customers. So if one goes, another one would come and so, why should we, as a company, invest our resources on finding a good SEO content writer? Writing is all about placing matter from one page to another and even my techie guy can do it.

Well, your thinking can yield you good results only if you are deliberately trying to ignore the marketing trends of 2010. If your idea of doing business is to cater to your immediate neighbourhood and your extended family, then yes – even your brother-in-law can be the SEO content writer for your company.

Author: Nitima, Freelance web content writer


Anonymous said...

It is true a good content writer is one who attracts the customer to the site by his creative and indulging words.A person indulges in his writing and the traffic comes on gradually by visitors.The content should be purposeful and fulfills the subject.The detailed knowledge is surely needed to update from current information to keep aware of the world.

March 23, 2010 at 2:19 PM

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