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Why SEO Article Writing Is Better Than Plain Content Writing?

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Do you think there's a difference between plain content writing and SEO article writing? If not, then you must read till end and we'll see what you think.
Search Engine Optimization article writing or SEO article writing is one of the biggest things to hit the internet and online marketing since…well…search engines! Although many know that SEO is a great way to ensure that their site ranks well in search engine rankings, a clarity between white hat SEO tricks and grey methods is somewhat missing.

The great debate of SEO Article Writing vs. Content Writing

Some people will argue that content writing is different that SEO article writing, and to some extent, it is true as well. Some of the things that you need to bear in mind which doing any of these writings is that both content writing and SEO article writing must have good grammar, thoroughly researched, entertaining, engaging, informative, and relevant.

However, one of the major differences between the two is that content writing doesn’t have to be focussed on using keywords at a specific density to optimize the page for search engines (which in turn promotes higher page rank), whereas SEO article writing is precisely about it. There are many websites that have promoted themselves to a new height by consistently following their SEO article writing plan.

SEO article writing can prove to be tough when the keywords aren’t something that a normal speaker, reader, or writer would say, read, or write. The SEO keywords must flow naturally and appear to blend in with the theme, while at the same time fitting the requirements of SEO article writing and web promotion. Only truly talented SEO writers can write articles worth reading and gaining information

What is good SEO Article Writing about?

Before you find a writer who can do SEO article writing for you, you need to know what a decent SEO article looks like. As a client, you should know what kind of content you need, do you need it to be written in first person or third, and how long the article should be. There are plenty of SEO article writing companies that will tell you that average length of a SEO article should be between 400 and 600 words. Depending on the type of content and the way it'll be used, you can find out your keyword density. According to the standard SEO article writing rules, a web page or blog post of 500 words you should have a keyword density of around 2.5%-4%, implying a good SEO article writing should give you between 12 to 22 keywords for a 500 word article. That’s a little bit more than what you think. If you don’t think it is difficult, go ahead and give it a try. You will most likely be surprised to find out at how difficult SEO article writing can be.

Finding a good company in SEO article writing

Once you know how tough SEO article writing is, the best is to leave it on professionals. Only quality SEO article writers can deliver articles at the speed of light. They also help you understand the other intricacies of SEO article writing. If you are finding it difficult to categorise any writing as SEO article writing, consider this article as an example - Do you realize that the key phrase used in this particular article is 'SEO article writing'? The total number of words for this article is 600 and the number of times the keyword phrase was used is 28 times. The keyword density is 4.66%


Nitima is a seasoned content and SEO article writer and has worked on projects related content writing, blog, brochure writing and creating marketing collateral. You can find more about her work from her website WRITING ROUTES or blog - Offbeat Spirituality

7 Tips on Successful Blending of Web Content Writing with SEO

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Writing web content that gives you not only satisfies your customers but gives you good ranking on search engines. There were days when only few sites were on the internet and people didn’t expect much from them but as the time is progressing, readers have become smarter and are immediately put off by bad content writing.

Blending SEO with web content writing is an art that only few excel in. Writing SEO enriched web page content is entirely different from article, blog, and other forms of writing. Your web page content is the mirror of your company and highly valuable for your website to be ranked high. Write it in a way that online users can interact with it and are left spellbound. Here are some tips on successful blending of web content writing with seo that can help -
1.       Write good content – Without it, you will be wiped out within days. The point to remember is that no matter what your subject matter is, your web content will reach a large audience and help your website beyond the SEO benefits only when its written well.
2.       Intellectual writing – Without it, you’ll look dumb. There are plenty of SEO Article Writers that know how to use crisp language and if you are one of those – well, congratulations!
3.       Credibility – Without it, your queries wouldn’t get converted into useful business. Credibility is the demand of all the companies looking out SEO writers. So, if you are a content writer, make sure that you track your work and create a list of link where all your articles are posted. This will help you to use them as samples should a prospective client asks for it.
4.       Get a professional editor – Without it, you’ll never get to know the quality of your content. Professional editors charge INR 60-70 per page and can correct your content with as little as one day.
5.       Look at the competitors’ websites – Without it, you wouldn’t know what’s latest in the industry. Yours visitors will not take interest in browsing your website if your competitor has shared information that is more relevant. Every reader will like to know what new you are offering and if it is the same, why would people like to stick to your website?
6.        Know your keywords – Without it, search engines will ignore you. Inducing keywords in your content is simple. However, avoid the temptation of stuffing them in a way that web content becomes totally useless.
7.       Recheck and change– Without it, you wouldn’t know what you’ve been missing.

Remember - Content development plays important role in SEO. So if you want to write for your own site, consider these points and you’ll do well.

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