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Think Like An Entrepreneur

Friday, September 5, 2008

Do You Want To Survive? Think Like An Entrepreneur

In order to grow, we need to think like entrepreneurs. General notion is that people who run their own businesses have a strong will power in addition to a stronger action. Same should apply to when we work for some company. A person may be employed with a call centre, or a financial institution or a garage, the question is ‘do we take responsibility of the work as a employer or we work like any other employee?’

Lot of us will say – ‘But I am an EMPLOYEE!!”

And you’re right. You may be an employee but even if you’re working for someone else, you still have to think like an Entrepreneur. The world is changing everyday and we need to tune in to it fast. Latest mantra is ‘to take ownership’ – of one’s actions and their reactions!!
You think you are miserable in your job as it doesn’t pay you a good salary or there’s too much of politics around, take the charge. Fine, there are some things that you cannot manoeuvre according to own likes and dislikes.

But there is a way out - Develop an idea, for ideas have power to create the unthinkable. The authority of taking control over the situation lies within – just don’t be a horse running straight – there are too many things to do in life. The need is not of ‘taking out time from our busy schedules’ but of determination instead, for if we have guts, we become stronger, leading to a risk taking ability and we become fearless.

And to conquer our own lives, we need to be fearless of worries.

Starting a start-up

What is the recipe of a good entrepreneur? Ability to take risk along with a good luck. But how much should we divide among these two? Money also plays an important part and if any country is versatile, opportunities do float in abundance. It has to be active and risk-taking nature of the person to keep him going.

One can always get advice from others. A person with entrepreneurial skills doesn't become one himself because of other’s inability to take and face risks in life. Many first generation entrepreneurs like Dhirubhai Ambani did not have big capital to start with but they had the burning platform to do that. That's more important. One must have the burning desire to do that.

There is no shortage of money and definitely no shortage of entrepreneurs in the human race. It’s connecting the two and making it work which is the trick. Need of hunger of constant growth is essential.

Remember – no risk, no reward

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