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Friday, October 9, 2009

I was brought up under strict family rules. Where I was in school, my parents incorporated a great deal of discipline in me and my brother. We had guidelines and had to follow them. The day used to start at 5 am, even if it was dead cold outside. Back then I hated that kind of life but now when I realise the amount of work my parents did with us, I feel indebted forever. Without their help, I would have been like most of my classmates who gave up their fight even before they began and are too fragile emotionally to start a new routine and a life now.

Childhood is a lovely age, when we are driven by passion. We don’t even realise how our hobbies become zeal to pursue them till the last breadth. My dream was to acquire a bike, whether new or old. I developed this liking when I was 12. It was great fun walking around the motorcycle lot on a Sunday afternoon and looking at the motorcycles. As usual, people’s comments were a great dampener when they used to tell me that girls don’t ride a bike. However, I was in such a frame of mind where nothing could stop this love of mine and when I began working in a bank in London, I thought of buying a bike for myself. So I started looking for Internet motorcycle for sale auctions and quickly discovered that there were quite a few reasons to like these online motorcycle auctions.

The first major advantage that internet buying has over traditional buying is the amount of time that you can control while having a look at it. Experience says that whenever we shop for something, we like to look for the best possible item under our budget. This means flocking one shop to another looking for that perfect piece. This often results in time wastage and unnecessary tiredness. And when you can have the same experience from your desk, why waste time. There are thousands of chances to buy used motorcycles online. If interested, you can also see new bikes for consideration.

Another feature of online motorbike auctions is the final price of your motorcycle. You can find really great bargains if you look for them. You may want to look specifically at glm sales as an option as they stock some of the most incredible pieces in London.

North London Scooter Centre

Buying a scooter can be a challenge sometimes. With a variety of options available including different styles, look, design, capacity, and make; it is indeed a tedious job to choose the best one available. If you are staying in London and looking out to buy a new scooter, North London scooter centre has the best options available for you. These scooters are available according to your needs and capital.

If you wish to travel fast from one point to another at top speed, you can check out for the scooters available in North London. They stock electric scooters, motorized scooters, petrol scooters – anything you want. Besides, at the time of recession, buying a scooter is always a good option because it is cheaper than car, fuel efficient, easily manoeuvrable, and cost effective in short and long run. The advantages are many of buying a scooter and if it is good brand name, then you are sure to get a hassle free service after purchase.

According to one estimates, people are inclined to buy scooters and bikes due to their ease of driving covering short distances, movement in heavy traffic areas, less maintenance cost, and fuel efficiency. The major brand names available in North London are Piaggio, Vespa, Suzuki, Gilera, Honda etc. These companies have a large variety of scooters according to your needs. The rates are in the range of £3,000 to £7,000 for a high end scooter.

If you are looking for environmental friendly and latest technology in scooters, you can always check out for the electric driven scooters. These scooters are not only state of the art, but also provide no noise, no pollution guarantee for their lifetime. The scooters are the latest craze across the globe due to their high fuel efficiency, light weight, no licence or number plate requirement, and great designs. In North London, you can find some of the latest in electric scooters available today.

The other in the category is petrol scooters which have the light weight and bulky designs suited to your needs. These are also available in different price ranges and fuel efficiencies. One advantage of petrol scooters is their high speed and balance which is still lacking in electric scooters. Greater Londor Motorcycles has a very a close relationship with all types of scooters in London and understand all aspects of the machine services and owner satisfaction deeply. They offer scooters at discounted rates. You can order online or walk into their store to have a look.

GLM Sales also offer Clothing, Helmets, Gloves, Boots, Luggage, and accessorries for Piaggio, Gilera and Vespa scooters. You can call or email them directly for any queries or suggestions and they will be happy to assist you within the shortest span of time.

Piaggio service centre

A service centre is always one thing that comes in mind when you buy any automobile. The service and repair part is an essential element whenever you buy a car, bike or a scooter. Big names in automobile industry thrive on their after sales service and availability of spare parts at a reasonable rate. This is one thing that sets them apart from the competitors and helps in establishing a brand name for a longer time.

Piaggio is one such brand name which has made a mark in new scooter sales over the years. One of the major reasons of its success worldwide is the after sales service that is not only professional but also affordable for its valued customers. The Piaggio service centre provides full repair and service with on site workshop at one of the locations near you. It has years of experience in the scooter servicing and repair and is a trusted name throughout the world.

At the Piaggio service centre you can check out for major or minor scooter or motorcycle services, oil changes and oil filter changes, electrical or mechanical fault repair, brakes overhauling, crash, cosmetic repairs, tyre checking, accessory fitting etc. Piaggio service centre provides all of the services under one roof. While the servicing and mechanical work is done at a very reasonable price; the insurance repairs are also taken for your bikes and scooters in accidental cases. The service centre also gives you the facility to arrange for puncture repairs, tyre replacements, bike sales, race exhausts, helmets, clothing and much more which you can get at your convenience by prior appointments.

You can check out any of the Piaggio service centres near you and feel free to drop in or call anytime. The expert and friendly mechanics are trained to know each part of your scooter and to make the need based rectification. Also, you have to remember that if you are driving a Piaggio, the scooter servicing is essential to ensure that your warranty remains valid. Piaggio service centres are authorized to perform service for scooters, bikes, and mopeds. The service centre provides world class service at very competitive prices which can be checked online or on site. With the saving and quality, you will feel proud to be associated with Piaggio.

Greater Londor Motorcycles has a very a close relationship with Piaggio scooters in London regarding all aspects of the machine services and owner satisfaction. Its range also covers Clothing, Helmets, Gloves, Boots, Luggage, and accessories for Piaggio, Gilera and Vespa scooters. You can call or email them directly for any queries or suggestions and they will be happy to assist you within the shortest span of time.

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