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Best Email and Letter Salutations

Monday, October 31, 2011

Salutations..Do these things worry you too! 

Not any more. This list of salutations will provide you all the best ones collected by scanning hundreds of emails (all over the world - trust me).

Funny Salutations
·         Cheers!
·         Smell ya later
·         Later, Alligator
·         Yabba dabba do

Friendly salutations
·         Over to you
·         Over and out
·         Start the engines
·         Peace, love, and unity
·         Stay tuned for more news
·         Tag! You’re it
·         To be continued…

Friendly hellos and goodbyes in foreign languages
Add a foreign language word as a salutation to begin or close your letter and give it a new “fun” angle. From Urdu hellos to French farewells, here are some international ways to leave an impression through salutations:

  1. ·         Aloha
  2. ·         Alvida
  3. ·         Au revoir
  4. ·         Adieu
  5. ·         Adios amigo
  6. ·         Ciao
  7. ·         Khuda Hafiz
  8. ·         Namaste

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Fundamentals of Writing Assignments

Monday, October 17, 2011

At Writing Routes, it is not just about Web Content Writing or Brochure Writing. This October, I got a wonderful chance to have an insight into Writing Assignments for a student of a Canadian University who needed a help in proofreading his project material. 

Liked it. Detailed analysis, figures, terminology list, researches, surveys, and plenty of long, hard thinking. Extracting the right threads and sewing all them in the right direction. Writing Assignments is all about putting all the content together in a clear for mat which is not only easy to read but also to comprehend.

Writing assignments in the right way helps the document to shine a light, and help the reader stay informed about the issue being discussed.
And the way to get the most from writing assignments?
©  Define the purpose of the writing assignment.
©  Clearly identify your audience.
©  Keep the objectives crystal.
©  Make use of thoroughly researched matter/content/facts or figures.
©  Keep the assignment structure organized.

What an assignment should contain?
Executive Summary – Contains the essence of the assignment. It is the assignment at a quick glance.
Content –List the main sections through the index. Make subsections if necessary. Clearly demark all the headings.
Sometimes (but presentation of the content always matters)
Introduction – Has the scope and the objective of the assignment.
Main Body – Your findings and listed facts.
Conclusions – Your view point on the assignment and judgment.
Bibliography – Includes the list of relevant research and any necessary further reading. Also contains the details of focus groups or interviewees.
If the report indicates further research on the topic is necessary
Appendices – Information used in detail
Title Page – Keep it smart and simple.

If you are looking for a better insight than this that can help you get under the skin of the challenge like writing assignment … get intouch with me.

Top 10 Content Writing Mistakes that You can Avoid

Monday, October 10, 2011

Although content is considered king when it comes to attracting traffic on a website, most companies remain ignorant. They fail to estimate the power of good words, right punctuations and properly constructed sentences while posting their web content, Ezine article, blog post content or an Ehow guide. What to know what most miss while finalizing their content?

Spelling, grammar and punctuation: Basic but usually overlooked. When someone’s creating their web content, the easiest-to-avoid error can be their downfall.  Hard to believe but there are thousands of websites with the web content that has 30-40 run-on sentences.  You just don’t need to write the web content; you need to get it proofread as well to avoid this common content writing mistake.

Ever Changing voices: Some writers make such an amateur shift from first person to third that it becomes almost impossible to read the web content. “We” to “I”, “you” to “his” or “I” to “them” breaks the consistency of the web content leaving the readers to scratch their heads as to who you are referring to.

Excessive hype: Web content is written for a purpose, right?  Maybe you wish to promote your newest fashion line. If you could have it your way, you might probably want to write everything little detail about the product. Just how great it is going to be, how plus size women need not feel to be left out, the exclusivity of fabric and so on.  Caution: readers will at once shift from your web content if it is only promotional.  Give them something from what they scan.  There are millions of sales pitches lying out there and they don’t want to waste time reading one more.

Staying specific.  Your reader wants info. They land on your webcontent article because of the promise its title does to deliver. But if you start-off writing too broadly without any sense of direction, as a common error to do while compiling the web content, they’ll soon loose interest in reading and will shift to other resource.

Complicating the content: If you want to show your unusual talent of using ten different adjectives in one single sentence, write other things like novel, essays or case studies for that. Web content needs to be kept simple and straight.

Spelling conventions: Every website demands to be written in the local dialect. If you can’t distinguished between spellings such as ‘colour’ and “color”, “cheque” and “check” or “materialise” and “materialize”, then you ought to hire a professional web content writer.

Need of the content: Are your readers expected to take some action as soon as they hit on your page or your web content is just to give them weighty information? A news release is written differently than a promotional article which is unlike writing for kids. Unless you understand the precise requirement, you’ll not be able to write a good copy.

Weak headlines. Unique and creative headline have gathered more interest in past and they will continue doing so in future. Using a keyword in the headline ensures the web content gets picked up by search engines quickly.

Introductory paragraph. Make it dull and see your readers crossing your web content, or make it compelling enough to entice visitor go through your entire page – choice is yours. Ideally, the introductory lines should give a sneak peek of what’s in store for the reader in rest of the article. Making it witty, catchy or funny will get your content good response.

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