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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

How to create awareness regarding global warming and what can we do to help reduce its affects?

The world we live in today, it is not difficult for anyone to get information on global warming and how is it affecting us. You can ask any kid and they will be prompt in replying that our climate is changing due to emissions of some harmful gases and this is global warming. The question here is: what are we doing at individual level to control global warming? Here are few pointers that should give you an idea of how you can help:

1. While driving, save fuel.
We all know that to drive, we need fuel and we are aware of the fact that it is non renewable. However, if we make a conscious effort of saving it by simple methods, such as vehicle maintenance, drive in an appropriate way and using public transport, our efforts will get counted in this global cause. So remember - till the time they do not make solar cars, use less fuel and contribute to reduce global warming.

2. Give recycling its due importance
More than half of what we throw can be used in some way or another – if only we know how. Do not print unless necessary, increase use of items made of copper, glass and aluminium and say NO to plastic for global warming. Do we need to tell everyone that plastic material does not decompose, it just chokes. Your country might be a developed one where you do not see mountains of plastic polybags but travel to third world countries and you will see where does all that plastic go.

3. Be vegetarian
This is for those who call non vegetarian food their weakness. Have you ever thought that by eating such a cuisine you are directly affecting our climate and causing global warming? How, do you want to know? By passing different kinds of gasses to our environment through your not so cooperative digestive system.

4. Opt for power saving appliances
Now this is the only thing that will cost you some money initially. Products that run on renewable resources generally cost more than the normal ones, like opting for solar heater instead of electric geyser – but you also know that the after some time what you will save through electricity bill would be more that the initial difference of buying such product. So why not make the right decision and purchase commodities that will have mean minimal expense later and support those fighting against global warming?

There are many sites on that give you an authority to decide a way which will prove beneficial for you as well as community. is one such portal that operates with the hope of making the world a cleaner,better place to live. It provides indirect and tailored services tailored to energy solutions.
So from today, let us make a slight effort in ensuring that we keep our environment clean and healthy for the generations to come.
Author: Nitima, Freelance web content writer


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