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What Do you Think About the New Bike Test?

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

In UK, you must apply for a provisional licence before you begin to learn a bike. Even if you already hold a valid driving licence for a car or lorry, you will still need provisional entitlement for driving a bike. After you get a provisional licence, you will have to take the theory test to get a full licence. Theory test has 50 questions that must be answered in 57 minutes and you must get 43 marks out of 50 in order to pass the test.

The second part of driving theory test covers hazard perception test and you need to pass both to qualify for the licence. Once you have successfully cleared the theory test, you can then apply for practical driving test. The cost of test is £80 and expected to be raised to £90.50, which is a pre-planned annual increment done in October 2009.

The practical test commences with an eyesight check, general vehicle safety questions, and specific manoeuvres. A typical driving part of test lasts for 40 minutes in which the examiner observes your driving techniques. The current pass rate for bike tests is 53%.

Last year The Driving Standards Agency (DSA) asked for views from general public on proposals to split the existing practical test into two separate modules. This is being done with a view of giving the would-be bikers a better start in their motorcycle career.

As per the plan the existing practical test will be divided, with applicants being required to clear the first module initially. It will have a series of specific exercises such as averting and stops under urgent situations at a minimum speed of 55kph. Clearing this will automatically approve the applicant to move forwards to the second module which will have an eyesight test followed by drills on road. Applicants failing to clear the second module will not be required to retake the module one test if they pass the subsequent module within two years of clearing the first module.

The new system will see the same theory test element and applicants will be required to pass the written exam before taking their practical test – the practice that is followed now as well.

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