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Tips on keeping your Motorcycle clean by

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

It is well worth using a scooter or motorcycle for getting around the town or city. Those short trips to the football game or local store don’t have to be bimonthly occasion when you have a two wheeler that you can just park and forget. If maintained well, you will be amazed to see the amount you can save on insurance premiums and non essential repairs. Get your motorbike filled only once, follow a rigorous maintenance schedule and see its average constantly improving.

Routine maintenance also ensures safety of you as well as others on the road. If you did not get a handbook with specs on your motorcycle at the time of buying it, you should try to get one. If that seems too difficult to you, you can also search for some suggestions on daily, weekly and monthly check up of your vehicle online. There are many forums that allow users to register and be a part of ongoing discussions. You can also check workshop manuals which are made available for almost all the new models. Many of these manuals are available to buy in the form of a CD or DVD.

Things you can’t ignore and should be a part of your check-up on your motorcycle include:
- Tires should be in good condition. Find out about the recommended tyre pressure from the spec as it is very important to maintain the accurate tire pressure. Under-inflated tyres adversely affect handling and make the ride uneven. Over inflated tyres cause motorcycle prone to damage from surface hazards.
- Verify that the Mobil oil is at the sufficient level and at the time of this checking, ensure that your bike is standing on a levelled ground.
- Regularly clean the body surface of the two-wheeler to maintain its surface finish. Ensure that the ignition switch unit, and silencer are covered before beginning the cleaning process.
- Brakes should be functioning properly.
- Inspect for any leakage from battery. It should be always be clean and free from any leakages. Even if you are planning not to use motorcycle for a long time, the battery should be kept fully charged with electrolyte level touching the top mark.

- Check wheel bearings by grabbing wheels with it off the ground and observe if there is any sideways play.

- Also check swinging arm bearings with the back wheel off the ground
These suggestions are for basic maintenance that you can do on your own. Any major job or complete overhauling needs to be done by a mechanic. Abiding by these routine steps will ensure that every moment you step on the road, your ride is safe. You can also browse through, a leading scooter and motorcycle store in London and get in touch with them regarding any of your questions about motorcycles.

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