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7 Tips to Save your Hard Earned Money While Getting Your Web Site Designed.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

How many times you come across a site thinking you could have done a better job if only you knew how to design a website? More than 70% of internet population thinks the same way but is clueless about criteria that constitute a good web design that is if you asked them which elements give away a professional website, they wouldn’t be able to tell you. What they can identify, although subconsciously, is a bad web design. Here are few points that form the building blocks of a good site and make sure you read them all before beginning the process of designing yourself or hiring someone to do it.

Know what you want. Do not leave it on designers to tell you what will you need. A designer’s job is to tell you the perfect way of putting information to ensure that people get the general idea even while glancing, but he is not the best judge on WHAT to put. It will help you a lot if you have a plan with you from the beginning.

Make your site Consistent
Header, footers, logos, text and navigation should be consistent all throughout the web pages. Studies show that a visitor is not likely stay on a site which is either confusing or has mismatched content.

Keep the layout logical
Don’t try to play too much with the standard layouts that come with templates. Check if the most important page elements are visible and logically connected? I once saw a site that had contact us link on every page but did not have any contact information within those links.

When designing your site, keep in mind that one out of six people visiting your site are disabled in one way or another. Some can be colour blind, others too old to read small fonts or some may have difficulty reading through a poor contrasted page. All these factors have a huge impact on the perception of your brand.

Avoid using fancy fonts:
Though fancy fonts look good but are extremely difficult to read and their use should be restricted to logos and branding. For easy readability, use standard sized san serif font.

Use free web tracking tools
Google and Alexa offer a series of webmaster tools that can help you to track who is coming to your site, what are users clicking while on your site and which pages they are exiting to.

What good is a website that is simply laying on Internet without people realising it that it is there. You need to promote your business every day to let others know what is it that you offer and how are you different than the other companies/people in the industry. It is all about creating a good impression and retaining it. if you don’t know the art of online marketing, hire an expert for it. World Wide Web has a vast potential and you need to tap if before someone else takes away your potential clients.

If you live in London or near North London area, Middlesex, Barnet, Harrow, Brent, Edgware, Finchley, Borehamwood, Mill Hill, Colindale, Hendon, Canons park, Stanmore and Crouch end; you can contact your local web designing and SEO firm. Indigo, which is a very well known name in the designing segment, can guide you in the best way to create and maintain a personal or professional website. It has plans that begin at a very low rate of £170 per annum and can be customised according to your needs and preferences.


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