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What you need to Know about CBT

Thursday, September 15, 2011

CBT is short for Compulsory Basic Training. Unlike the common perception, it is not a test. For a person willing to get rid of commuting in the tubes and buses, a personal 50 cc scooter or 125 cc motorbike is definitely a good option.

To start riding a scooter, moped or motorbike, CBT is the course you need to get certification in. Considered a continual assessment, the course length usually takes a full day to complete. A person meeting all the standard requirements of each element proceeds to next until the course is completed, at which point the CBT instructor issues the candidate’s CBT certificate (DL196).

You can take the CBT course on a 50 cc or 125 cc automatic scooter or geared motorbike. It can either be of your own or you can hire one from where you are doing the training. At North London Motorcycle Training, only modern and well maintained bikes. Both male and female instructors work with this institute, providing the highest standard of DSA approved training.

To take part in CBT you need to be over 16, in possession of a valid full or provisional U.K. license, possess a decent knowledge of the Highway Code and must have good eyesight to be able to read car number plates over a distance of 20.6 meters. Good understanding of English is compulsory for anyone appearing for the CBT.

About the website
Motorcycle training educates motorcycle riders the skills for riding on roads. It is the equivalent of driver's education for car drivers. Training beyond basic qualification and licensing is available to those whose duty includes motorcycle riding, such as police, and additional rider courses are offered for street riding refreshers, sport riding, off-road techniques, and developing competitive skills for the motorcycle racetrack.


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