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Some elements of CBT

Thursday, September 15, 2011

CBT is a one-day motorcycle training course aimed at teaching the practitioner basics of riding a motorcycle. As a preliminary vehicular training course, it must be completed by anyone wishing to ride a motorcycle unaccompanied on the city roads. Upon completion, the training remains valid for 2 years.

The CBT is based on 5 key elements which strongly influence a person’s acquiring the certification. Any person wishing to go for it needs to start with an eyesight test. As a candidate, you must be able to read a number plate containing figures and letters 79.4 mm or 3.1 inches high, from a minimum distance of 67 feet or 20.5 meters in a good daylight.

Element B calls for the right information of the bike or moped for which you wish to obtain the certificate. You must be aware of control positions, left and right handlebar controls, Instrument panel and the basic machine checks, including wheeling, stand, braking and starting and stopping the engine.

Element C of CBT contains clutch control, systematic gear changing, right braking, rear observation, indicating and maneuvering the machine, OSM/PSL routine, stopping and  moving off from the curb, left and right turnings and the smooth maneuvering of ‘U’ turns.

The next element is a classroom session that familiarizes the candidate about the dangers of riding on the road. This element is very important and stress if given on completing it satisfactorily before any formal road riding is undertaken.

The Element E is all about road riding, with one other student, to put into practice everything that the candidate has learnt over the past elements. This requires demonstration of coping with the hazards safely by rightly maneuvering traffic lights, junctions, roundabouts, crossings, bends and other obstructions

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Motorcycle training educates motorcycle riders the skills for riding on roads. It is the equivalent of driver's education for car drivers. North London Motorcycle Training is based at Edgware, and can offer you tuition from CBT to Advanced Rider Training. Established since 1985, it is committed to make your training fun, safe and enjoyable.


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