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Outsourcing to India Doesn’t Effect Jobs in Western Countries – Robert D Hormats

Friday, February 25, 2011

All the hue and cry about outsourcing to India took a new turn when a top Obama administration official called the notion “enormously exaggerated.” The Under Secretary of State for Energy and Agricultural Affairs is working hard to substantiate the reality through talk shows and television programs.
India is currently viewed as a gigantic market and a number of Americans and European countries are investing here due to the potential short term and long term gains. Plenty of people living abroad see India as the place where jobs from Western countries are simply outsourced.

in reality, the mindset of people has been shaped by what they watch on television. Shows like “Outsourced" play a significant role in determining their thoughts. However, the fact that is not commonly realised is that a major deal of trade with Indian companies goes on the export side, implying they are using western merchandise. Taking the example of United States, the overall Indian imports have increased by a whopping 18 per cent over the last financial year.

Indian investment outside the country has started to bring fruits of labour. There are plenty of big Indian companies that are investing in countries like Germany, United States and Australia etc, thereby creating a considerable number of jobs everywhere.

Another interesting thing is that India's growth model has by far emerged as the most balanced growth models till now. Indian development model is not based on export-led growth, as is the case with other countries.



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