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Car Rentals Darling Harbour Australia

Sunday, July 4, 2010

A SEO article on car rentals Darling Harbour Australia

There was a time when Darling Harbour was a thriving industrial port. It is now converted into a gigantic harbour-side leisure park that attracts families from around the country. Among its many interesting venues, best ones include Powerhouse museum, Sydney Aquarium, the Harbourside shopping complex, the Australian National Maritime Museum and the SeaWorld amusement park.

The infrastructure of the Darling Harbour park was modified in late 1980s when architects and visionaries combined their hands to give it a totally new look. It took a lot of labour, cash and politicking to give Darling Harbour the look it has today. Since the last two decades, the emphasis is on creating a place of unusual fun and enjoyment which is at the par with the international standards.

Dedicated to tourism and entertainment, Darling Harbour is ringed by pedestrian boardwalks by the sea. The walk from the Pyrmont Bridge is legendary as it is the only swing bridge crossing the inlet, thereby linking the two sides of the shore and forming a loop around the area. The area has been developed in such a way that it is virtually impossible for the tourists not to get impressed by its fantastic water views, parks and fountains. There is no dedicated place to swim but running under the fountain to wet yourself is acceptable on any warm day.

During the weekdays, you can hire a car and drive to Darling Harbour and visit its attractions, conventions and exhibitions. The real fun is one the weekend evenings when the parties don’t end and popular restaurants near water are jam filled with guest of all ages.

If you are planning for car rental and drive to Darling Harbour, check Google for best car rental deals. To reach Darling Harbour in your rental car, take the Harbour Bridge road from the north cross and move westwards till the Western Distributor and from there, the park is nearby. From the main city, drive till Market St (west) and follow the road signs to exit at Darling Harbour. If coming from the eastern or southern side of the city, take the Cross City Tunnel and follow the road signs to exit at Darling Harbour. There are many parking lots available at the park. For cheap car hire parking options, consider going to Ultimo. If interested in finding good deals, don’t forget to search for cheap car rentals and car rental discounts on the Internet.


Author: Nitima, Web Content Writer.

This SEO article was originally written for a SEO company (email: that wanted bulk articles, but disappeared as soon as they got their work done without bothering to pay. Not sure if this is what we call business ethics. It is really shameful that such vendors get hired by companies which in turn fail to bother themselves with the source of original content.

I am posting this work here as my original. Any copyright violation would be counted as an offence.


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