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Car Rentals Coffs Harbour Airport Australia

Sunday, July 4, 2010

A SEO article on Car Rentals Coffs Harbour Airport Australia

Owning to its fabulous costal line and offbeat beaches, the Coffs Harbour, Australia is an extremely popular tourist destination with families. The city has the right appeal and whether you are young or old, you’d just love lazing around here. The main attractions swing greatly in favour of water based fun, fuzzy wildlife and action sports.

The Coffs Harbour town is in the middle of Sydney (550 kms) and Brisbane (350 kms). Drivers in the rental cars are advised to steer the highway with caution as the traffic can sometimes get mad on this road. In addition to this, the quality of road varies after every 10 kms. If you are new to the area, then flying would be a better option as it will save time and ensure that you reach the destination without getting exhausted by the mind blowing traffic and stretchy jams.

The Coffs Harbour Airport (CFS) serves the provincial centre of Coffs Harbour. The airport is situated near Boambee in the south of Coffs Harbour. Since it is the only airport in the region, the CFS is one of the busiest airports around the corner. It is currently handling more than 30,000 aircraft movements in a year which include both cargo and passenger planes. There are two runways that run parallel to each other, from North to South.

In 2009, more than 300,000 passengers crossed the gates of the Coffs Harbour Airport which is almost the double of what it witnessed in 2004. In addition to the aviation facilities, the airport also has the provision for the choppers and offers aircraft maintenance services to its regular and chartered clients.

There is a secured 24 hours parking space available that can handle more than 500 cars at any given point of time. No advance booking is required as the drivers of car rentals can straightway park their vehicles in the parking.

To find a friendly and competent Australian car rental company, you can do a research on Google. Not many companies can trade with great integrity and determination that strives to give best possible car hire services to its customers. Many car hire companies offer free transfers from the airport to the rental centre. To avail this service, you can call car rental service provider from the terminal after collecting your luggage from the baggage claim area.


Author: Nitima, Web Content Writer.

This SEO article was originally written for a SEO company that wanted bulk articles, but disappeared as soon as they got their work done without bothering to pay. Not sure if this is what we call business ethics. It is really shameful that such vendors get hired by companies which in turn fail to bother themselves with the source of original content.

I am posting this work here as my original. Any copyright violation would be counted as an offense.


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