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“Honey, I stretched the scooter”

Monday, February 8, 2010

This is a sponsored post written on behalf of Greater London Motorcycles Sales, dealers for Piaggio Scooters, Gilera Scooters and Vespa Scooters in London

Yes, we all are aware that our economy is not doing that well but there are some good things happening around. North West London families may find themselves going back to transportation options usually reserved for countries where people have time to enjoy life.

Like this – the Vespa GT4 400 – get ready for a LOOONG drive, literally. South African unit of Vespa has come up with a Vespa design that can carry not two but four people together to any place they want to go. The Vespa scooter, which may not be made available in anywhere else in the world, has two rear ends that are put one after the other. A Vespa North West London company calls it "an affordable family car that runs only on two wheels and your kids will eagerly wait for you to pick them after school on it. You can earn the title of designated driver and will get the liberty of parking outside the front door every time you hit a party or drop of your new buddies to their home and save money of fuel".

Now, isn’t this a cool idea!

A lot of people hated the new styled Vespa when they first saw it but the more they look or read about it now, the more badly they want to give it a spin. This is a very innovative marketing toy brainstormed by the marketing division of the Vespa’s South African setup. Andy Reid, the marketing head wanted to promote their brand name ‘Vespa’ using some off the beat ways, so he thought of placing fake parking tickets on fuel-gobbling, expensive vehicles for driving them instead of easy going scooters.

Whether those people were amused or not, we don’t know but your neighbours are definitely going to peek over to have a look at this Vespa. This so called “family” version of the iconic scooter brand is your sure shot fame to ticket if you can get a red carpet and a Gucci black jacket.

Author: Nitima, Freelance web content writer


Gilly Newman said...

I have worked with Andy Reid for few years and know that he can do anything to get attention to his products. A thorough professional...

February 9, 2010 at 12:23 PM

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