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Get, Set, Go... Òn a Piaggio

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The iconic Piaggio’s Gilera and Vespa scooter brands are known not only for the durability but also for their shapes and colours. Buzzing along the streets of London, Itlay and rest of the Europe, it’s not difficult to get impressed by Piaggio’s designs.

Nowadays, people don’t use Gilera or Vespa as a form of practical transport made to help them find their way safely around the roads dominated by potholes. Oh no. Today, in the year 2010, a Vespa is cherished the same way as the humble Beetle and Fiat 500. Many such older brands have been brought back to life through transformation. They are now the vehicles that wealthy keep, and of course drive (sometimes)! A modern Vespa or Piaggio London is a fashion accessory that cost as much as a suit made by Armani.

Innovation has always leaded the path of growth for Piaggio London. From the humble beginnings of 1940s to today’s international brand, Piaggio makes more than 650,000 vehicles in 50 countries. With its ideas, the new Piaggio has already begun spinning the wheel of future. Researchers are working on to make the scooters more environmentally friendly, green and electrically powered.

London Piaggio has found new markets that are ready to give their new styling a try. It is also giving a serious thought to manufacture electric city car. The question now is that whether Piaggio can create the same magic it created with its revolutionary Vespa?

Plans are on to make this electric city car as legendary as Vespa. The unit has already set up plants to produce this electric city car on large scale. We may have to wait for few more years to be actually able to drive Paggio’s newest invention but there is no doubt that ‘going green’ is high on agenda for most international brands.

A website, covers every latest happening in the world of hybrid cars, electric cars, alternative fuels, and much more. You can log on to know more about biodiesel, ethanol and cars powered by hydrogen. Green police all over the manufacturing world have already given “green” signal to Piaggio London’s latest entity, now let’s wait and see how consumers weigh it.

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