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Indigo SEO: A successful case study

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

SEO or search engine optimisation is a tricky business. Typically it targets different types of search, which includes local search, phrase specific search, image search, and industry-specific vertical search. It is the tool that ensures a good website presence of a web site.

As the latest Internet marketing strategy, it takes into consideration the methodology that search engines follow to index web pages according to the keywords people use to search something particular. Optimizing web pages mainly involve editing the text on it and sometimes modifying the HTML coding associated with it. This increases the relevance of specific keywords and pushes the indexing activities of search engines for that particular page or site.

With the kind of traffic it can get to your site, many companies have started making the budget for this kind of marketing as well. The optimization projects are carried by SEO firms on behalf of their clients and if the company is big, it may hire full time professionals to perform on-house SEO services. It in itself has become an industry and organisations that got into it initially are reaping huge benefits out of it.

Many companies offer improved search engine rankings but choosing the one which can give you the best return on investment and delivers on promises is difficult. Therefore there are very few authentic success stories on search engine optimization on the web and here is one that I have researched and really liked:

> North London Motorcycle Training

· SEO done by:

· Business Challenge
North London Motorcycle Training offers tuition from CBT to Advanced Rider Training. The company had a website but was unable to tap the complete market. Like other websites, their content was also focused on everything under the sun and had no keyword specific text. The visibility with the search engines such as Google, Yahoo, MSN, Ask was poor and the site failed to register itself within the first few pages.

· Solution offered
Indigo deployed its people to rewrite the text in a search engine friendly tone and uploaded new pages to the site. Apart than that it worked continuously on selected phrases and optimised them to get best results. Appropriate keyword tags were used across each webpage which increased keyword links throughout the website. The site currently ranks 1 for the chosen keywords, one of which is CBT London North.


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