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StreetFighter Motorcycle Styles

Thursday, June 25, 2009

1980s witnessed a growth of a rebellious trend in England, called StreetFighter. It was lead by youngsters who wanted to demonstrate their toughness using drastically changed motorcycles with powerful engines and took to the streets. They started a fire storm which soon crossed over into Germany and the rest of Europe within a couple of years. The trend was also popularised by bike messengers who had to fight maddening London traffic to deliver messages. These messengers never earned grand salaries and so instead of replacing the war torn bodywork of their motorcycles, they simply removed them. This gave them the advantage in the way of better performing bikes and improved navigation on the machine as opposed to the custom scene which preferred style over outright ability.

The StreetFighter scene continues to grow and thrive in many European countries till today. Countless are believed to be avid members of StreetFighter Magazines, Fighter clubs, meetings and forums. The trend has expanded its routes to American culture as well and looking around the world we see many vibrant styles that demonstrate a key piece of cultures across different countries.

Interesting ideas are taking shape within the four walls of garage sheds and workshops at few designated places. Globalization has made room for infinite possibilities for StreetFighter and used motorcycles in London and neighbouring areas, namely Edgware, Mill hill, Stanmore, Colindale, Bushey, Harrow Weald or Golders Green. The appeal of the sporty motorcycle lives on in the shape of bikes by Greater Londor Motorcycles, which is inspired by long traditions in young and dynamic arena of bike designs.

Buying a motorcycle give many enthusiasts a chance to express their style in a unique way. Greater Londor Motorcycles is a one stop shop for used motorcycles, Gilera, Piaggio and Vespa Scooters. It also carries high quality European accessories from world-class German manufacturers. The majority of these accessories hit the market only after passing the exceedingly high standards of the German TÜV which ensures an exceptional quality.


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