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Motorcycle service London

Thursday, June 25, 2009

If you are a motorcycle enthusiastic and live in London, GLM sales Londor is the ideal place for you to get your bike serviced. Though many modern motorcycles have very long service intervals and are even considered to be more reliable than machines of the past, regular inspection is necessary for the well being of your motorcycle and yourself.
Since the introduction of fast paced machinery, many service specialist shops and smaller business have died out involuntarily. Only those businesses that changed themselves with time have managed to prolong their life times in the motorcycle service industry. People today like to spend on buying things from large dealerships, accessories specialists and so called online stores. is one of the older names left that offers all the benefits of the used world of motorcycles with the comforts and expertise of the new world. is the local centre for everything on two wheels in and around London, Edgware, Finchley, Mill Hill, Watford and West end. Whether you want to buy a new or used Piaggio, Vespa or Gilera or looking for biking accessories, motorcycle service, repairs and parts – it has the trendiest brands and its know-how. gives the details of every motorcycle unrivalled attention and ensures that you always get the most from your motorcycle from start to finish. It has its own workshop and trained mechanics that can do anything from simple servicing or mend seriously damaged vehicles within hours. It also sells best of everything related to motorcycle and scooter riding, from helmets, clothing, gloves, boots to accessories, each one of which is handpicked by its staff.

It is also advisable to do a simple check of your motorcycle on weekly basis to keep it running in a good health. Following steps are recommended by

- Periodically check that lights, indicators, speedometer and horn are working as they should be.
- Keep an eye on Fluid levels - oil and coolant if applicable.
- Use quality synthetic oil for latest performance bikes, semi-synthetic for older bikes.
- Valve caps indicate correct pressures available in the front and back tyres.
- If you are riding your motorcycle more than 100 miles per day, make sure that the chain is well- lubricated and adjusted according to the speed.

Any alteration from these should be immediately reported to a service station for correction.

Abiding by these routine steps will ensure that every moment you step on the road, your ride is insured. You can browse through the website of and can get in touch with them regarding any of your questions about motorcycles.


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