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Web Hosting Services for London

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

If you are thinking about starting your business on a tight budget, one of the main things you need to do is to mark your presence on the internet using the most affordable tools.
So if your plan is to create a simple brochure site that gives information about your services, or you're launching a full-blown e-commerce store, you'll need a web host . For this, you need to find a good company that can give you the most out of your money. It today’s scenario where the economic marketplace is making it difficult for people to secure credit, affordable web hosting plans can be a life saver.

Web hosting service providers can help you create a matrix where you can effectively work, centralize your operations and streamline your processes. A good web hosting plan will offer benefits like plentiful disk storage, huge traffic allowance and user-friendly web site control panels using which you can build, publish and manage your web pages yourself. The Internet service providers rent space on their servers and allow visitors to access your web pages. To find a suitable web hosting service for your business, you need to choose one that fits your site requirements and your budget. Along with these, you also need to keep in mind the intangible factors, such as reliability and customer service.

Despite the potential cost savings, avoid free hosting. The so called free services routinely place irritating banner ads on your site, offer limited security, no database support and very seldom give you a unique domain name.

There are three other types of hosting services that are suitable for small businesses:
• Shared
Here, you pay a monthly fee for a space in a powerful server to host your site, along with hundreds of others. This type of service is cost efficient and widely used. However, shared service does not guarantee optimum speed during the peak traffic times. There is also a threat to security due to presence of multiple sites on the same server.

• Dedicated
Dedicated web hosting service is the costliest among the three. This includes a dedicated server for your website and can be used if you have an e-commerce site with thousand visitors every day and cannot afford to have a downtime of even few minutes.

• Collocated
You are the owner of your own server. It is placed in the data centre of the service provider which provides a fast Internet connection. High band width, regular up-time and security are some of the advantages of this service. As a buyer, you pay for maintenance and band width to the service provider.

Indigo Ideas is the best company when it comes to choosing a web hosting provider for your website. Indigo’s Business Hosting plan starts from 130 GBP per year and has proved to be very cost efficient in these troubled times of economic recession. You can directly contact Indigo if you are staying near North London area, Middlesex, Barnet, Harrow, Brent, Edgware, Finchley, Borehamwood, Mill Hill, Colindale, Hendon, Canons park, Stanmore and Crouch End. Indigo Ideas offer you full hosting, email support, webmail, traffic reports, 24 hours monitoring and other features with this plan.


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