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Ordering Jiffy fibre padded envelopes

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

There has been a tremendous change in the packaging industry which ranges from standard packaging techniques to tailor made shapes, sizes and designs. This has been fuelled by the internet revolution which has made it extremely easy for anyone to check the latest products in the market and compare their benefits or price before buying. Businesses that understood this drift successfully and introduced innovativeness in their designs saw huge markings in their profits. No industry, including packaging industry is left untouched by this change.

Packaging techniques, like clustered packaging, ensure that less time and manpower is used for packing and labelling of products. It is also necessary to keep the packed article safe and sound, especially if it is made of fragile material. One of the ways to ensure this safety is to use
Jiffy fibre padded envelopes which are heavy-duty padded envelopes. These are stuffed with recycled paper fibre cushioning the inside wall and offering maximum protection. All bags apart from the Size 8 come with a peel and seal strip for extra security. The two fold corners and double glued flap increase the strength and edge protection of these envelopes. Jiffy envelopes are better than the normal envelopes as they are resistant to accidental puncture or tearing that can cause damage to the item inside.

Jiffy fibre padded protective envelopes come in various sizes according to the needs and are relatively high quality yet cost effective. The fibre padded paper inside its wall suits almost any application. One of their major benefits is that they are environmental friendly and made of 100 percent paper, which implies that no separation is required for recycling. This ensures a simple and safe disposal. They give strong all-round protection cover, especially in the base due to its special formation and protective padded insert. They are dust-free and safe to use for people with allergies and are ideal for mailing books, batteries , CDs, DVDs, videos, catalogues, samples, brochures, spare parts, pens, staplers and other stationery items. pioneers in the industry as No. 1 suppliers of
Jiffy fibre padded envelopes. They provide these envelopes in different sizes, including size 00 , size 0 , size 1, size 2, size 3, size 4, size 5, size 6 and size 7. You have the option of ordering these sizes in pack of 10, 50, 100 and 200. has saved its customers (who have Mail Order Service, Warehouse, Crockery, Electronics and other businesses) a fortune. As every other company provides a mail order service to its customers, it is continually haunted by complaints and refunds as normal packaging material is not of a fine quality and damages the objects in transit. With the experience of such a heavy losses, many Mail Order Companies have changed their packaging supplier to, which is recommended heavily for its quality and timely delivery. You can also try them and they will deliver your goods free if you order above £ 60.


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