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Jiffy Aircraft Bags

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Each day thousands of items are shipped from one place to another. These articles vary in size, shape; heaviness, usability and stability. Out of these, fragile items (such as glassware, vases, crockery, data CDs etc.) require the maximum attention and the sender has to be extra careful while transporting them from one place to another. To ship objects that are delicate, a special packaging called ‘jiffy bag’ is used. Jiffy bag is a padded envelope which is stuffed with fibre cushioning of recycled paper to safeguard objects from any breakage or harm. To give maximum protection, jiffy bags have a ‘peel and seal’ strip for security. This is however, not available in the size 8 of the bag.
Each of the bubble of aircraft jiffy bags gets sealed with special air retention method due to presence of bubble material in the inner lining of the bags. The packaging ease is enhanced by slippery inners specially crafted for these jiffy bags. is the best supplier of all the packaging material, including Jiffy Bags. Their Jiffylite Airkraft bubble bags are one of the most popular bubble-lined envelopes available in the market. They are light weight and cost effective. The bags are available in 10 packs or in bulk boxes in both white and gold colour for the same price. The size of Jiffylite Airkraft varies from White Size 00 to White Size 7 and from Gold/Brown Size 00 to Gold/Brown Size 7. It is one of very few companies which supplies Jiffy bags in small quantities at very, very reasonable price.

The company believes in providing stationery items at a price where it does not form a burden on buyers. Its team is passionate about the work it does and strives to send every order before time. The steady client database of is a proof of quality that it promotes. Since the demand of jiffy bags is constant all year round, their stocks are always full of different sizes including jiffy size 0, jiffy bag size 1, gold jiffy bags, white jiffy bags, small jiffy bags and large jiffy.

The range and variety of bags coming from is put together in such a way that eases your selection process and you can choose the best option as per the need. will be more than happy to assist and advice on any packaging related matter or related query on the same and can be reached 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 52 weeks a year. You can give them a call and order these aircraft jiffy bags which are designed for overall protection of the commodity pieces for that extra peace of mind.


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