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Sports Injuries

Monday, April 27, 2009

Thousands of people across this world participate in some kind of sports, exercise or physical activity on daily basis. To each one of us, sports give a feeling of togetherness in more than one way and almost anyone who exercises regularly develop sports injuries at some time or another. The type of injury varies according to the age and kind of exposure to the activity and therefore occurrence of some injuries happen more than others. A representative of Pegasus Clinics, which specializes in treating sports injuries, states its definition as “The term ‘sports injury’ is generally used for injuries that occur in the musculoskeletal system, which includes the bones, muscles and associated tissues like cartilage.”

Some of the common injuries resulting from sports activities include:

Sprains and cramps: Sprain occurs when there is a stretching or tearing of ligaments surrounding the joints. Cramp on the other hand is a sudden, intense and forceful pain caused by a muscle locked in ripple.

Blisters: A fluid-filled loop on the surface of the skin that usually takes place on the hands or the feet.

Knee Pain: This is very common in athletes and occurs due to overtraining syndrome. To treat the cause of the pain, it is important to have an evaluation and proper diagnosis. Common reasons for knee pain include ligament injuries, torn knee cartilage and osteoarthritis.

Fractures: A fracture is a serious injury that causes crack/split in the bone. It can occur from either a one-time quick injury or from recurring stress to the bone over a period of time. The symptoms of Broken Shoulder or Clavicle Fracture is found generally in cricketers, squash and tennis players as their play requires continuous blows to their shoulders.

Chronic Injuries: Chronic sport injuries happen over a period of time and are usually a result of performing repetitive activities. Stress fracture is one of the most common examples of chronic injury and can happen to any individual over the age of 10. Tennis elbow is another type which occurs due to recurring use of muscles in the arms.

Details of other sports injuries and their treatments can be viewed at Pegasus Clinic’s website.Treatment:

At Pegasus Clinics, all the patients are treated as athletes and a prompt treatment is given to ensure that they return to normal activity as soon as possible. Complete diagnoses of the problem area give practitioners an insight on the severity. Some of the orthopaedic methods used at Pegasus to cure sports injuries are: exercise rehabilitation, osteopathy, electrotherapy, ergonomic assessments, dry needling and naturopathy.

Fortunately, most of the patients who approached Pegasus have been diagnosed and treated successfully and they are back to their routine physical activities within a short duration of time.


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