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Monday, April 27, 2009

Osteopathy is a holistic approach to human body care which is very unique in its own way. It consists of techniques that use hands to influence the way a body works and its theory is a simple one: for anyone to remain in excellent health, all parts of the body must function together in synchronization. If one part of the body is limited, the remainder of body compensates for that limitation and that sometimes lead to discomfort, stiffness, headaches or infection. When a body is in such a discomfort, in Pegasus health care uses osteopathy as a complementary therapy to conventional medicine.

The practitioners at Pegasus Clinics are trained as health care therapists who see an individual as an integrated whole. Patients often seek treatment from them without referral from their general physician. By manoeuvring the muscles, joints, connective tissues, nervous, respiratory and immune system; these practitioners not only cure the problem area, but also give a feeling of overall well being. It is for this reason osteopathy is often seen as a form of manual medicine that can empower the systems of body with strength to heal the primary root causes of diseases and illnesses.

The practice of osteopathy was founded and established by Dr. Andrew Taylor Still in the 1880s. His aim was to use manual techniques with hands to enhance the blood circulation in body and provide relief to a sufferer. He was against the use of medicines and argued that every individual has the potential of curing itself provided an appropriate knowledge is imparted to him. He stressed on using a broad range of hands-on techniques to calm the problem/infection region which included soft tissue stretching, deep physical pressure, and mobilisation or manipulation of joints.

Osteopathy is very beneficial for our general health as well. The treatment in itself is not preventative and can be used as a routine practice as well. Osteopaths value the body's inborn capability as a self-regulating mechanism and only intervene when pain or discomfort subsides. One of the major benefits of osteopathy is the overall improvement in mobility and structure of the body. In addition to of this, other systems such as nervous and circulatory systems of the body operate with more orderliness and chances of non functionality of any part minimizes automatically.

Most people have a belief that osteopathy is only for bones correction. In reality however, osteopathic healing can be beneficial in a wide range of conditions such as stress management, menstrual pains, wrong postures, strain injury, nervous disorder, digestion problems, stiffness in body, soreness in jaw, limited mobility due to joint pain and other issues . By using the natural healing techniques, practitioners at Pegasus can cure these illnesses for a long term and ensure that all the body's components are in balance and in sync with each other. If you are a patient of an information seeker, you can contact Pegasus for more information.


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