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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Email Greetings

With business communication—especially that is done through emails—salutations play an important role. When it’s the matter of speaking face-to-face with someone, vocal intonations and body language give context to our words – a luxury that we don’t have when communicating electronically.

Whenever I sit to write an email, I always think twice about the start greetings. Being a copywriter I perceive my work a bit ‘serious’, going to the extent of making sure that I use new greeting every time I write. Lately I decided to make myself a list of some email start greetings, so that every time I don’t have to waste my time in choosing one. And what can be the best way of storing them other than online?
So here are few ways you can begin your emails. Some are mine while others have been taken from the internet, my business partner!
  1. 1.       Hoping you to be in the best shape and health
  2. 2.       Hope you are doing well
  3. 3.       I trust this email finds you very well.
  4. 4.       I hope you are doing great in your life
  5. 5.       Having not heard from you for a few days, I thought I would write to ask you about the [whatever] we were discussing. I remain available [when] etc.
  6. 6.       Thank you for your quick response.
  7. 7.       Thank you for taking your time.


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