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Why Can’t People Write?

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Being a business writer, I need to communicate a lot with people on emails. Every time I get in touch with a prospective client, I run into an interesting phenomena – a lot of people sound GREAT until I email them and get a response in return to discover the quality of their writing is, shall we say, substandard. Even worse, such people manage to slip through the cracks and reach higher positions. Some mails are so badly written that I can’t even discern what the person actually wants?

Given the importance of documentation and communication, aren’t writing skills necessary for employees, especially when facing customers? Why are those getting neglected? It is the “cellular phone” culture to blame?

Yes, they do allow us to interact so quickly. Whatever it is, whether we require instant email, chat, internet, we can get it right where we are. I feel this has bred a new kind of laziness. No one wants to wait for anything. Most of the cell phone users don’t even wish to take the time to spell whole words (remember IDK, CU, TC…?). It isn't so much that some people feel short of communicating. They just wish to develop the old, appropriate ways of communicating. I am conscious of my rant which is a bit extreme, but I think about it sometime. As we are gradually moving to a more technology driven society, accurate communication is becoming obsolete, which is a shame.


Anonymous said...

Can you suggest some softwares that can help me to write well?

August 21, 2012 at 10:19 AM

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