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Fundamentals of Writing Assignments

Monday, October 17, 2011

At Writing Routes, it is not just about Web Content Writing or Brochure Writing. This October, I got a wonderful chance to have an insight into Writing Assignments for a student of a Canadian University who needed a help in proofreading his project material. 

Liked it. Detailed analysis, figures, terminology list, researches, surveys, and plenty of long, hard thinking. Extracting the right threads and sewing all them in the right direction. Writing Assignments is all about putting all the content together in a clear for mat which is not only easy to read but also to comprehend.

Writing assignments in the right way helps the document to shine a light, and help the reader stay informed about the issue being discussed.
And the way to get the most from writing assignments?
©  Define the purpose of the writing assignment.
©  Clearly identify your audience.
©  Keep the objectives crystal.
©  Make use of thoroughly researched matter/content/facts or figures.
©  Keep the assignment structure organized.

What an assignment should contain?
Executive Summary – Contains the essence of the assignment. It is the assignment at a quick glance.
Content –List the main sections through the index. Make subsections if necessary. Clearly demark all the headings.
Sometimes (but presentation of the content always matters)
Introduction – Has the scope and the objective of the assignment.
Main Body – Your findings and listed facts.
Conclusions – Your view point on the assignment and judgment.
Bibliography – Includes the list of relevant research and any necessary further reading. Also contains the details of focus groups or interviewees.
If the report indicates further research on the topic is necessary
Appendices – Information used in detail
Title Page – Keep it smart and simple.

If you are looking for a better insight than this that can help you get under the skin of the challenge like writing assignment … get intouch with me.


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