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CBT and You!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

The CBT is based on 5 key elements which strongly influence a person’s acquiring the certification. Here are few tips to help you clear the CBT test.

  • 1. Even though a person does not need any riding experience to take the compulsory basic training test, familiarizing yourself with the Highway Code is definitely advantageous.
  • 2. The theory of CBT is essentially basic and is worth remembering to clear the practical tests. This is of course in the scenario where you would want to complete the CBT test in one go,
  • 3. Obtaining full license will also give you freedom from riding with L plates forever. It also makes motorcycle insurance cheap.
  • 4. Make sure that you book your CBT test at a DSA approved training body and look out for training centre that offers:
  • a. Flexible training, so that you can go through each element at your own convenient pace.
  • b. Riding gear as you’d probably won’t have your own motorcycle gloves and helmet at this point
  • c. A guaranteed pass
  • 5. CBT was introduced to control the alarming number of accidents that new and old riders were contributing to. Since motorcycling is much more of an art than driving a car, training is essential for your and other’s safety. It also lets you gain on your riding skills, thereby making the whole task of riding a bike intensely relaxed, without the worry of losing control.

About North London Motorcycle Training
Motorcycle training educates motorcycle riders the skills for riding on roads. It is the equivalent of driver's education for car drivers. North London Motorcycle Training is based at Edgware, and can offer you tuition from CBT to Advanced Rider Training. Established since 1985, it is committed to make your training fun, safe and enjoyable.


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