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Handy Tips While Purchasing Motorcycle Helmets

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Whether you have just purchased a motorcycle or a long time experienced rider, knowing the right way to purchase a motorcycle helmet is going to help you a lot in the long term. There’s a huge difference between purchasing a poorly fitted motorcycle helmet that may lead a rider to untimely death and a properly fitting helmet that can save the rider’s life in case of any emergency.

Here are some tips you can keep handy while purchasing a new helmet, compiled by the instructors of a leading motorcycle traininginstitute of London

The first rule of buying a motorcycle helmet is to try it first. Most people take an incorrect decision of buying just on the looks of the helmet. A good helmet not only fits the rider’s head perfectly but also save the person from getting hurt in case of emergencies. The main ways to determine the fit of the motorcycle includes symmetry, shape, color and durability.

The second rule of buying a perfect motorcycle helmet is to rate it on the comfort ability factor. When trying the helmet before buying, keep it on for at least 5-7 minutes and if after taking it out there is any redness on your face, neck or head, that piece is not for you.

The third most important rule of buying a new helmet is to look out for its certifications. Since by nature riding a motorcycle is a thrilling activity, it is important to buy a helmet of a good make. Also, make sure that it is certified by the Department of Transportation as meeting basic safety standards and is also carries Snell certification. Both these certifications assure that the motorcycle helmets that are approved with these certifications meet minimum safety standards.

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Kevin said...

Can you write something on motorcyle clothing also

July 26, 2011 at 4:34 PM

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