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Best iPhone Applications for Mothers

Friday, May 6, 2011

Mothers are always busy. Making sure the home is in order, kids eat right food and exercise often, cooking thrice a day, taking care of laundry and groceries etc. are only few of the things that they do on daily basis.
So how can I Phone help them? Here are some applications developed by developers and coders all over the world to make their life a little organized.

This iPhone app is related to buying grocery. A hit among moms of the western world, ShopALOT makes making grocery lists easier. It not only eliminates the need of writing down everything that you require, but also displays prices and nutrition facts of whatever grocery item you are interested in buying.

For parents of the toddlers, this app makes the oldies laugh. They never forget to point out that they never used any gadgets to raise their children and still they turned out completely fine. No doubt their concerns are right but couples who grew up along technology think differently. Baby Brain is for those parents. It lets you count diapers, track feeding routine, and easily manage baby’s naps.

Ideally made for those mothers who had to cut down on their shopping because they didn’t get time. shoppingPal lets you manage your shopping and time efficiently and reduces the need to visit stores by letting you compare best deal from different stores. It allows you to take photograph of the product you wish to buy and type in the details such as cloth, fabric, price, discount, store where the item is likely to be found in addition to giving the option of saving the location of the store on GPS
To develop any of such iPhone application that is of use to you or to your customers, you need professionals who can understand your needs and design within your budget. Indigo Ideas is a UK firm that not only creates innovative solutions for your needs but also ensures that you remain informed about each and every detail of your project. Their products are compete at the world level and if you want something made for your company, contact Indigo  now.

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