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Web Designing Trends in 2011

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

It’s already been four months in the new year and the predictions related to how computing world will evolve has already started coming it. There’s a lot of anticipation within designers and they have slowly started moving towards astonishing creativity. With the up-to-the-minute HTML5 and CSS3, developers and designers are finding new ways to utilize all the features to create remarkable designs. Large and sketchy background styles have faded out and given room to texturized background and serif fonts/ Due to CSS, the corners will become round and shadows will become darker. Mobile web designing is also going to pick up its pace and reach to people across the globe.

Newer Fonts
Last decade saw most of the websites getting designed in either Arial or Verdana fonts, but this trend is going to change now. Serif fonts are due to get their piece of attention now.

Visual Aspects
Visually appealing sites are always appreciated by users. However, last few years have seen a tremendous rush on making the sites content dominated search engine friendly. People are in need of something that is out of the world. Though content is definitely required, less of it will be the trend in coming years.

Catchy headings in the header (the part of design interface) is bound to gain more popularity in 2011. Headings are what captivates viewers interest and making them significant will ensure that the entire page is scanned by them (if not the site) for finding what interests them.

Subtle Background
The black background trend is on its way out, making way for subtle background with light music.

This article is written on behalf of Indigo Ideas. Unlike most web development agencies in London, Indigo’s web development strategy doesn’t aim at charging for initial design changes. Its designers and developers work until the client gets the right look and feel of the web site. The Indigo team works with you to understand your precise requirements and deliver accurately what the client has demanded, regardless of how many changes it has to make to achieve that.


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