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The Benefits of Article Marketing

Monday, January 17, 2011

The benefits of article marketing include creating outside links to a website, the cost is less expensive than traditional marketing, and the time involved is minimal.

Article marketing creates links to other websites through the article submission sites and other websites who use the article for their website content.The cost for article marketing consists of paying an article writer for each new article produced and submitted to the submission sites. An article writer who lives in Gurgaon, India and who can write as good as native English speakers enables them to write more coherent articles. These articles do better than other English second language writers.

The time needed for article marketing is usually just a few hours a week. Article writers in Delhi, Gurgaon, India are able to work quickly to meet the needs of the website business.

What is Article Marketing?

Article Marketing is writing an original informative article along the lines of a business or product. This article is usually written in the third person with no references to any website, business or product in the article itself. The article ends with a resource box which contains a few brief details about the author, a call to action and a link to the author's website.

These articles can be submitted to ezines that publish articles with the intent of providing content for other websites and blogs. The requirement is to republish the article with the resource box intact.

This way the article and the author's link are positioned so that they are more widely seen than if the article is published on the author's website.
How often should the articles be submitted?

It has been suggested a new original article should be submitted about twice a week. This way the publishers will not feel like the articles are spam. They may begin to question the quality of the article content.

Submitting the same article to different ezines or article submission sites could create issues with too many copies of the same article showing on the Internet. Google frowns on duplicate content.

Changing the article, or rewriting the article in order to submit it again could also create issues. Publishers will notice that the article is almost exactly the same and the same duplicate content issue will remain.
What kind of articles should be written?

Articles should be researched thoroughly. The article should be related to the content of the link shown in the resource box so that there are quality click-through visitors. If the article is written about parenting issues and then linked to a website on SEO services, then the visitors will be disappointed in the content. They will not stay on the site. If the website to be marketed is about SEO services, then the articles should be about helpful hints or tips concerning some aspect of SEO services.
Types of Articles

    * The how to or step by step
    * The list: 10 ways, 12 tips or 5 reasons
    * The set up: set up a premise and then knock it down showing the benefits of the alternative view or approach.
    * The mini case study: raise questions and answer it with several real life examples.
    * The interview: choose a credible expert to interview for the article
    * The trend: explore the latest trend and show the origin, benefit or drawback of it.
    * The study: reports the results of study or survey.

About the Author: Nitima is a seasoned content and SEO article writer and has worked on projects related content writing, blog, brochure writing and creating marketing collateral. She also has hand on experience in technical and business writing. You can find more about her work from her website WRITING ROUTES Nitima also maintains a blog - Offbeat Spirituality which gets around 2500 hits every day.


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