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7 Tips on Making a Global Website Design (Part II)

Thursday, January 13, 2011

The previous article listed some of the core points that should be kept in mind while getting a website made/revamped for your business. As we all know the Internet is location agnostic, implying geographical, social, political or economical barriers do not affect it. A person can access web from anywhere in the world, as long as there is connectivity. This aspect of the World Wide Web is incredibly powerful because it makes it feasible to reach audience, wherever they are. 

If you plan to sell your products or services through your website, make it easy for consumers to access it. Offer an easy way for viewers to convert payment into their own currency. There are plenty of tools available to make such adjustments.

6. Offer benefits
Everyone who comes to your site would like to know what kind of benefits can you offer, why they should come to you and not go to your competitor. Such differences must be highlighted through subtle ways. Make sure that you are not too loud about what you are best at as it may force people to find out the faults in your business and highlight them in public.

Social media is the most happening practice in the world of online marketing nowadays. International businesses demand international level networking by giving a chance to people to participate in your site through comments, forums etc., you can make most of it

This is our second list of steps that you must keep in mind while designing your site or getting it made, compiled on behalf of Indigo Ideas, a creative web design and SEO firm with its office in London. From the day it has commenced its business, its objective has remained same - work not only hard but also smart to make clients’ online business better. It's this belief that has continually named Indigo as one of the UK's top website designing agencies. Indigo’s experience in designing SEO optimised content managed and E-Commerce websites is unprecedented. Its sites are beautiful and are made while keeping accessibility in mind. Indigo doesn’t use templates but creates fresh designs for each of our clients. It knows how important it is to boost your business and the importance of a good website design for it.

_______________________________________________________ About the Author: Nitima is a seasoned content and SEO article writer and has worked on projects related content writing, blog, brochure writing and creating marketing collateral. She also has hand on experience in technical and business writing. You can find more about her work from her website WRITING ROUTES Nitima also maintains a blog - Offbeat Spirituality which gets around 2500 hits every day.


divyesh said...

From introduction till purchase of any product or service web design plays an important role for both consumer and seller. There are lots of companies providing web design in london,but one must take experience of a company in to consideration before any decision.

January 13, 2011 at 9:10 PM

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