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4 Tips on Making Your Site Mobile Compatible

Monday, November 22, 2010

As the rush of websites on the Internet is increasing, it has become all the more important for your business to stand apart. Mobiles browsers are the new ‘IN’ thing and having a mobile-optimized site from a London web Design Company can really make it stand apart from the rest. Though the latest smartphones devices like Google Android and iPhone can display a suitably formatted web page for smaller screens, making your website optimised for such platforms can make mobile browsing a much better experience for your customers.
London Web Design is where every level of budgets finds its destiny, and where you as an investor get highest return of every dime you spend. For making your site optimised for mobile users, you can either hire a professional London Web Design company or use a bunch of online services listed below:

·         MoFuse (
MoFuse offers fairly simple way for small businesses and bloggers to create highly efficient mobile versions of their websites. The service ‘Mofuse for Blogs’ lets smaller sites and bloggers quickly mobilize their web site by using their RSS feed. Whenever someone accesses these sites from mobile, they are automatically diverted to “m.” For large businesses seeking a better control over their website, MoFuse offers premium service that lets webmasters use customizable options. If your business is based at London or nearby places, you can take consultancy services from any of the leading London web design company.

·         Mippin (
Mippin also offers free service to design the mobile version of your website. Though its options aren’t that extensive, but the mobile version created by is is viewable on almost all the WAP compatible mobile phone devices.

·         MobiSiteGalore
mobiSiteGalore also lets you create quick mobile versions of your website within minutes and offers some useful customization features. Use can use your laptop or mobile to create your mobile website.

·         WordPress Mobile Edition
This is easy if your blog or website is WordPress based. The plugin lets you define how your website must look on different handsets, so for example if you want iPhone users to see your mobile site but BlackBerry users to see the web version, you can control that using this plugin.

If you live in London or near North London area, Middlesex, Barnet, Harrow, Brent, Edgware, Finchley, Borehamwood, Mill Hill, Colindale, Hendon, Canons Park, Stanmore and Crouch end; you can contact your local London web design company to customise and integrate these special social media icons for your website or blog. Indigo offers the best web design, mobile web design and SEO solutions for the lowest prices in London. Work with it to take your business to a new level as it has done so for countless others before.

_______________________________________________________ About the Author: Nitima is a seasoned content and SEO article writer and has worked on projects related content writing, blog, brochure writing and creating marketing collateral. She also has hand on experience in technical and business writing. You can find more about her work from her website WRITING ROUTES Nitima also maintains a blog - Offbeat Spirituality which gets around 2500 hits every day.


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