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Car Rentals Cairns Airport Australia

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Cairns is no doubt a tourist town. It has an infectious energy that usually makes people stay here a few days more than what they planned. With its lush topical setting, Cairns is known globally. On its beaches you’ll see professional photographers and tourists with 15 cm lens, ready to click every move of the tropical birds, local ladies performing aqua dance at every lagoon pool, local families sharing their picnics with the outsiders and a craze for fitness jogs. Overhead, aeroplanes take off with such an amazing frequency yet on the ground you’ll be able to hear the straw –sucking sound of gecko. As the gateway to Great Barrier Reef, Cairns gets thousands of visitors every year.

It also has the distinction of being the world’s most popular diving sites. You’ll also find tons of tour, cruise and dive operators cashing on this. When here, don’t forget to go for bungee jumping, take a tour to Port Douglas, Atherton Tablelands and hooking up with the fellow travellers for more fun and adventure.

The Cairns Airport is located 4 miles (7 kms) from the Cairns central business district. It lies between Trinity Bay to the east and Mount Whitfield to the west and has the circle of rich rainforest around it that make a nice place for a day’s picnic. Operated by the North Queensland Airports Group, it is conveniently located at the distance of 5 miles from the Cairns shopping centre. If there’s something you are planning to buy from this city, a quick stopover at the shopping centre while you are coming from the airport or going towards it can save you a lot of time.
The airport has two passenger terminals, both located on the eastern side of mangrove swamp. The terminals are at the distance of 220 meters from each other. The main runaway of the airport runs from north to south and is 3,196 meter long.

There are many car rental companies in Australia that offer vehicle of your choice and give you a head start in your journey from the Cairns Airport. By renting a car from a leading Australia Car Hire company, you not only get cheapest prices but also the freedom of moving anywhere without having to rely on public transportation. Other advantage of hiring from directly from the car rental website is that you get complimentary roadside assistance in case your vehicle develops some technical snag.


Author: Nitima, Web Content Writer.

This SEO article was originally written for a SEO company that wanted bulk articles, but disappeared as soon as they got their work done without bothering to pay. Not sure if this is what we call business ethics. It is really shameful that such vendors get hired by companies which in turn fail to bother themselves with the source of original content.

I am posting this work here as my original. Any copyright violation would be counted as an offense.


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