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Vespa Scooter London

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Vespa Scooters came into existence a decade after World War II when an Italian company, Piaggio & Co., decided to shift its manufacturing operations from railway carriages and airplanes to something that could be more useful and universally accepted. The firm started producing scooters which were bought by US army in large quantities to enable its marines and paratroopers navigate the rough terrains of European landscapes after the war.

During the era of 1970s when man landed on moon and marked the history with an extraordinary event; fashion, design, rock music and cinema played a significant part in transforming the rigid social conventions. The raw power in youngsters became the driving force behind the social change and discovered a whole new awareness around them. It was during this period; Vespa created new tendencies and became a symbol of independence from inflexible social order. Its style appealed to the younger generation, the unspoken leaders of that time.

The initial Vespa scooter was developed in 1946 by the Piaggio in a single model and since then, the world has witnessed a revolution in the two wheeler industry. Piaggio itself is producing more than 60 different kinds of unique scooter models under 8 group brand names such as Piaggio, Gilera, and Vespa etc. Of all the group’s products, Vespa is the most popular brand. It has retained a lot of original features including pressed steel cowling which completely covers the rear mounted engine and highly distinctive and instantly recognisable paint work on its body.

Keeping in mind the ‘trendy’ image that is created by this scooter, Piaggio recently announced its intentions of developing hybrid versions of the Vespa LX and Piaggio X8models. Referred to as Hybrid Scooter or HyS, these scooters have the capacity to operate in either full electric mode, or, when the rider needs faster acceleration, a combination of electric and fuel combustion gives instant 85% increase in performance. The scooter manages itself electronically and switches between the two engines to get maximum speed and minimum fuel consumption.

If you are a scooter enthusiastic and stay near London, Edgware, Mill hill, Stanmore, Colindale, Bushey, Harrow Weald or Golders Green Greater Londor Motorcycles is the best place to look for latest Vespa Scooters in London.


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