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Monday, May 4, 2009

In the world of search engine results, every company is the same – be it a local book selling store or a multibillion dollar corporation. What varies is the size of the playing field. This is where all the search engine optimization strategies used by a firm come into play.

Organic search result’ describes the editorial search engine results on any particular engine. In simpler words, it represents a search that produces results that were not paid advertisements. A lot of online visitors feel that such results are more precise to the information they seek as they are generated by popularity and common usage and are non-biased. ‘Sponsored links’, though on a higher position, feature within a different section all together. A better position is offered to those firms that are willing to pay the most on per visitor basis.
In this scenario, natural search results hold a higher regard than paid advertising.

To counter this layout, one of the major search engine ‘Yahoo!’ launched its SiteMatch program in 2004. This caused quite a stir among web masters and small businesses as by using this program, Yahoo mixed the organic results with paid ones. In other words, SiteMatch offered website owners a chance to make sure Yahoo considers them for inclusion in its search index for a fee.
Coincidently around the same time AskJeeves announced that it was getting rid of one of its similar programs, claiming that it was impossible to churn out unbiased results by the use of such methodology. Recently Microsoft also announced that it was taking steps to differentiate paid results from organic results.

In this long battle of legal formalities, no one knows that what will be the end result. However, one probable outcome of this attention to paid search engine advertising is that more online visitors have learnt the differences between paid and natural search engine results and many instinctively favour the latter.

When you do SEO or search engine optimization for your site, you are attempting to adjust the content of your web pages to rank well in the organic search results.
Web Designing Firms with a good track record can do an efficient Search Engine Optimization for your site, which not only give you a higher ranking in organic search results but also ensures a consistent web presence on the Internet. You can learn more about their services by checking their website at


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