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New Trends in Office Stationery

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Whenever we hear the word “Stationery”, picture of a shop near school or university crops up in our mind. Common items at the stationery shop normally consist of pens, pencils, bags, envelopes, packing material, charts and other things of daily usage. These items though sound small but are of big use in offices, homes, schools, universities and colleges. In other words, stationery items have become an essential part of one’s daily routine.

The far-flung and multifaceted nature of organizations, educational systems, and modernization of technology has led to an increase in demand of stationery items. This has also given rise to a competitive environment amongst the manufacturers and producers of these products. As a result, the industry is now driven by innovation and creativity, which has boosted the demand of qualitative merchandise with beautiful designs. These products are crafted with perfection to give individualistic style appeals to those who communicate through them. Attractive stationery helps in establishing a strong and beneficial relationship for sales and marketing division of a company.

Packaging and Stationery industries go hand in hand as packaging of stationery products is also a contributing factor in enhancing the overall sales of these products. This is due to the fact that packaging now involves advancement in designs, security and physical protection of products, contribution to environment wellbeing (recycling), convenience of handling and storage, and enticing the customers to buy more products.

In this era of modernization, courier industry has also come a long way. Due to the fast-paced nature of delivery services, courier industry has taken over traditional ways of delivering goods (like trucking) and has further decreased the distances between countries across the world. The common problems faced by courier companies include damage of products due to low-quality packaging and insufficient security of packaged items. Therefore customers are now more inclined to find well-established packaging companies with sound market reputation.
One of the companies that aim at meeting all your stationery and packaging requirements is .It specializes in stationery supplies like tapes , stickies, paper envelopes,
boarded envelopes , jiffy aircraft and fibre padded envelopes, batteries , and pens. It aims at providing highly durable products ensuring sound quality and efficient service. The packaging products offered by include - CD and DVD mailing boxes, parcel boxes of all sizes (large, medium, small, extra small), postal tubes , and brown craft papers. For more information on the range of their products and services, please visit their website


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